Angelina's Italian since 1975

Bob Travlos, owner and gifted Chef-

Before opening Angelina's in Littleton CO. in 1995, Bob owned and operated 5 Italian restaurants in New York City.  Bob is also a retired Marine and NYPD officer. Bob insists that all of the food he prepares is fresh and homemade, he  starts baking his own bread at 4:30 am! Bob found his love for cooking while spending countless hours watching and helping his Mother cook for 10 children. He prepares each dish he serves as if he were cooking for his Mother and his children. Ask him what his secret ingredient is and he will tell you love! Whether you love the classics like Lasagna or Fettucini Alfredo, or if you love trying new things like Scungilli, you are guaranteed to find a dish on Angelina's extensive menu that you will fall in love with!